Lets talk about power surges and brownouts. I get this question often. Typically after a storm I sit by the phone and wait for the three to five phone calls that are going to come in saying, “My system turns on, but it’s not working?” Most of the time we find out what is not working and try to walk our customers through the steps to reboot the device or reprogram it, if it went back to factory default, and get it working again. Lately, we have had to make more service calls to find out that the device was hit by a power surge, which is when we get the next question. “But we have it plugged into this high-end power surge protector, isn’t that suppose to protect everything, all the time?” And the answer is, “Yes, but to a point.”

The most delicate piece of electronic equipment in your home or place of business is your audio/video system, security system, computers and cameras. These devices need a good power surge protector to protect them in a storm or when you plug in your vacuum. But, your power surge protector is only as good as it’s last hit. Lets say your power surge protector is a boxer and he is the best! After getting hit in the ring a couple of times he still may have a little fight left in him, but he is not going to be as good as when he first entered the ring. That is how your power surge protector works; each storm, surge or brownout is a hit. This is the reason why most companies only have a five year warranty.

So look at your system and think about when you had it installed. You may want to think about replacing your power surge protector.