We have been using Luxul since the beginning, when consumer electronics started going online. However, it was not that easy in the beginning. Looking at it now, it seamed that the industry was putting the cart in front of the horse.

Our first online devices was the Kenwood Sovereign and the Russound SMS3…

Both way ahead of their time, however had a very difficult time in not only connecting these devices to the internet, but keeping these devices on the internet. With using the famous go to routers:

Linksys WRT54GL

D-Link DIR-655

Then came, Control4. We signed onto Control4 in 2006 and what a great system it is! However, we had most of the same issues with keeping these systems reliable. Not because of the devices themselves, but because the backbone of that system is the network and in 2006 to 2009, wow was finding a reliable network was difficult. So difficult that Control4 put out an article on Recommended Routers and Access Points.

Control4 Dealers and Installers probably remember this!

Now, to be fair, while the industry was changing from strictly Audio/Video and Home Theater simple devices to connected devices, we were not network infrastructure professionals. So information like this was a great help, if and when we used it.

In this document, Control4 talked about “Luxul Antenna (Watch WebEx Recording on Luxul)” So, we did. And thank you Control4!

Along Came Luxul!

Luxul was a Network Infrastructure and Wireless Solutions Company built from the ground up with Consumer Electronics in mind. They understood the needs for the Custom Integrator in regards to Consumer Electronic Integration.

They know Control4, they know Sonos, they know IP Security Camera needs. They know that for a great reliable home entertainment system and security monitoring to work properly, the foundation (The Network) needs to be built to support these devices. Additionally, a bonus to their networks is an amazing office network, especially now with most of us working from home. It just works!

Fast Forward to Now!!!

Luxul takes their knowledge of whole home reliable and fast networks and introduces a proper Mesh Network that rivals the “Big Box Stores” solutions! Easy to install and no network integrator needed!

Luxul Epic Mesh Network

  • 2x2x4
    • Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz (2×2) Client Connectivity Radios
    • High Capacity 5GHz (4×4) Backhaul Radio
      • Dedicated (4×4) for a Faster, More Reliable Backhaul Communication Between Nodes
  • Wave 2
    • Technology which offers support for more connected devices and increased data rates, delivering outstanding Wi-Fi performance.
    • Multi-User, Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output
  • Multiple SSID Names
    • Naming convention of the SSID “Wireless Networks” on the “Big Box Brands” can only have one name for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, where with Luxul EPIC Mesh, you can name the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and the 5GHz Wi-Fi different names to identify what network you are using.
      • You don’t want to assume your on 5GHz when your just using 2.4GHz.

Compared to the “Big Box Brands”

Eero Mesh Network

  • 2×2
    • Lacks the antennas for the backend Node to Node communications.
  • Does not support Multi-Users.
  • Only MIMO “Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output”

Google Nest Mesh Network

  • 4×4
  • Has the 4×4 antennas, however shares those antennas for data connection and the backend Node to Node.
  • Only MIMO “Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output”