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Established in 2002, experience since 1998. We started working in one of those big box stores selling audio and video equipment, but could never demo the equipment correctly. One day we decided to take apart the entire audio/video department to set up the demos appropriately. After two days of reconstruction and the store manager breathing down our necks, we completed our project. Customers would now be able to see and hear what the equipment could actually do.

The store manager started bringing in customers to our department to sell and have the equipment “faux” installed into their homes. After installing a few systems we needed to find a way to make it easier for customers to use and to hide the equipment better.

We realized that working at the big box store wasn’t going to work any longer. We needed a place that was more particularized to what the customers wanted. So we decided to move to a mom and pop audio/video store. Read More.