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This is for adding HVAC to your Home Automation System using the Aprilaire Thermostat (High Level):

*The Thermostat Needs to be Installed by a Licensed HVAC Installer for Proper Operation (Instructions Attached)*

*If you have an existing Thermostat that you are replacing, take a picture of the wiring connected to the original mounting plate as a reference and in the event you need to re-install the original Thermostat.*

Though the Aprilaire Thermostat comes with the outdoor temperature sensor, the remote temperature sensor is not included and optional.

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*After the Thermostat has been professionally installed…

Must be done by a Control4 Dealer, Programmer and/or Installer…

  • First, you will need to have the Control4 Driver added to your Home Automation Project.
    • In Composer, go to:
      • My Drivers
      • HVAC Folder
      • Double Click on Residential Thermostat V2 to add to your project.

  • Second, your going to want to join the Aprilaire Thermostat to the Zigbee Network.
    • In Composer, go to:
      • Connections

      • Network Tab
      • Double Click on Thermostat V2
        • The Identify Window will Open

  • Third, go to the Aprilaire Thermostat and press the top button with the Rain Drop and Humidity pictured on it (4) times.

    • You should see the MAC Address populate in theĀ  Address Box in the Identify Window.

At this point, the Firmware in the Thermostat may upgrade, you should see a percentage upgrade “if” the Thermostat requires it.

*You should see the update happening here “if” it need the update:

Once the Firmware Update has completed and “if” it is needed, the Thermostat may reboot. At this point, the Properties Page in the Thermostat Driver (Below) will populate and give feed back on all the configurations the Professional HVAC Installer has configured to fit your HVAC System.

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