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The HIDEit Sonos Arc Mount is an ultra-sleek, virtually invisible wall mount designed specifically for the Sonos Arc Soundbar. The custom design is slightly offset to maintain sound quality and cord clearance. Our Sonos Arc Wall Mount is made from heavy gauge steel to properly support the soundbar’s weight. We even added obrounds to make centering the Arc under your TV effortless! Plus, our unique mounting ledge allows for optimal balancing and leveling during installation. So, create a seamless setup with the HIDEit Sonos Arc Mount and let your Sonos soundbar take center stage.

Available on backorder

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•  Offset for optimal sound quality + cord clearance.
•  Sleek design doesn’t block ports or interfere with Wi-Fi.
•  Obrounds for easy stud mounting, centering + making slight adjustments.
•  Unique mounting ledge provides optimal balancing + leveling during installation.
•  Made in USA from 12-gauge, cold-rolled steel for extra strength + durability.
•  Easy to install. Includes all mounting hardware.

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