Sony DVP-DVPCX777ES/B (Open Box)

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400-disc DVD/CD/SACD Mega Changer

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– Remote Control
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How well-built is the DVP-CX777ES? It’s Sony’s first DVD mega changer to wear the high-performance “ES” badge, which also means that it’s backed by a 5-year warranty. Sony boosted the video processing power to deliver a sharp, clean picture that matches up beautifully with today’s bigger, higher-resolution displays. And the audio circuitry was retooled to show off the enhanced detail and dynamics of SACDs (Super Audio CDs).

The DVP-CX777ES’s disc-playing versatility and variety of A/V connections make it a terrific multi-purpose addition to any A/V system. Besides delivering top-notch picture and sound quality, it lets you easily store and organize an entire collection of DVDs and music discs — up to 400 discs total! Sony’s Disc Explorer™ displays a list of every loaded disc on your TV screen, and lets you access discs either alphabetically by title or by disc type or genre. (A handy Child Lock feature lets you lock the disc bay door to keep curious toddlers from stuffing the player with food or toys, which is only funny when it happens to somebody else.)

These days, most high-quality DVD players offer progressive-scan output, but that doesn’t mean that all progressive models perform the same. Sony’s advanced Precision Cinema Progressive™ design has the processing power to deliver flawless, fluid progressive-scan video on every DVD! And the DVP-CX777ES is one of the few players we’ve seen to use an ultra-high-speed 216MHz/12-bit video DAC.

You have two hookup options for enjoying multichannel sound: You can make a single-cable digital connection from the DVP-CX777ES to your home theater receiver for thrilling Dolby® Digital and DTS® surround sound on DVDs. Or, use the changer’s 5.1-channel analog output for crystal-clear multichannel sound on both DVDs and SACDs.

Product highlights:
400-disc DVD/CD/SACD changer
plays DVD-Video, DVD-R & DVD-RW, DVD+R & DVD+RW, and Video CD
plays SACD, CD, CD-R & CD-RW, and MP3 CD-R & CD-RW
216MHz/12-bit video D/A converter
selectable interlaced/progressive-scan component video output (progressive scan requires an HD-compatible TV)
Precision Cinema Progressive de-interlacer with 3-2 pulldown processing
SmoothScan™ and SmoothSlow picture search
built-in Dolby Digital/DTS decoding with 5.1-channel output
digital bass management for multichannnel output
optical and coaxial digital outputs for Dolby Digital/DTS/PCM
2 sets of A/V outputs (2 composite, 2 S-video, and 1 480i/480p component video)
front-panel input for PC keyboard (for faster disc title entry)
RS232C port for future applications
remote control (multibrand for TVs)
192kHz/24-bit audio D/A converter
audio signal-to-noise ratio 115 dB
16-15/16″W x 7-1/2″H x 21-1/8″D
designed for use with “Region 1” coded DVDs

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